Posted on July 1, 2010 by Joan

As the saying goes, “Lucky we live Hawaii.” Our state is the only one in the country that produces coffee commercially — and the growth of coffee farmers on various islands means a nice selection of beans to try.

Lavonne Leong explores this Hawaiian coffee scene for HONOLULU, teaching readers how coffee travels from farm to cup. She also highlights trends in the specialty-coffee industry, with a nod to Rusty’s Hawaiian:

Less than 15 years ago, Kau was dominated by its sugar mill. Today, dozens of small farms, many of which belong to the Kau Coffee Growers Co-Operative, are making a name for the region by producing exemplary coffee. Some, like the co-op’s president, Lorie Obra (of Rusty’s Hawaiian coffee), have gone for complete vertical integration. Obra supervises the entire process from field to cup, experimenting with unusual methods such as saltwater fermentation. Her coffees have garnered reviews from the industry’s standard publication, Coffee Review, which used words like “mindblowing.”

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