Awards and Press

Coffee, from farm to table, in HONOLULU magazine

Photo of Joan and Miguel in Honolulu Magazine

As the saying goes, “Lucky we live Hawaii.” Our state is the only one in the country that produces coffee commercially — and the growth of coffee farmers on various islands means a nice selection of beans to try. Lavonne Leong explores this Hawaiian coffee scene for HONOLULU, teaching readers how coffee travels from farm … Continue reading

In Modern Luxury Hawaiʻi, coffee is glamorous

"Lorie Obra and Alan Wong"

When acclaimed restaurateur Alan Wong picked Lorie for a farm-to-table story in Modern Luxury Hawaiʻi, she was thrilled. Alan was the first chef to feature our Kaʻu Classic Dark Roast on his menu, so we have a soft spot for him. But that’s not the only reason Lorie was excited. The photo shoot allowed her … Continue reading

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