Rusty’s Influence, in Life and Death


When I explain our meticulous methods for crafting artisanal coffee, customers often say, “That’s a lot of work. What keeps you motivated?” I think of the hours it takes to select the ripest coffee cherries from every harvest. Or remember Mom’s instructions for drying honey coffee by hand: Rake the beans to expose them to … Continue reading

Meet Pete Licata, winner of the 2011 SWRBC


When you see Pete Licata, what comes to mind? ‘Dat local kine’ barista guy from Kansas? ‘The Beard?’ Not me. I think of a quiet drive up to Rusty’s Hawaiian farm in March. That’s when I tagged along with Pete to get a peek behind the prep for the 2011 U.S. Barista Championship. Pete was … Continue reading

Kaʻu coffee inspires Alan Wong’s “The Blue Tomato”

cover of Alan Wong's cookbook, "The Blue Tomato"

Of all the ideas in Alan Wong’s sweeping new cookbook, the quote above stands out to us. We can attest: Alan practices what he preaches — and we’re grateful he’s a friend to Hawaiian agriculture. Flip through the book, and you’ll learn how Kona Cold Lobsters pampers its products before sending them to Alan. Or … Continue reading

In Modern Luxury Hawaiʻi, coffee is glamorous

"Lorie Obra and Alan Wong"

When acclaimed restaurateur Alan Wong picked Lorie for a farm-to-table story in Modern Luxury Hawaiʻi, she was thrilled. Alan was the first chef to feature our Kaʻu Classic Dark Roast on his menu, so we have a soft spot for him. But that’s not the only reason Lorie was excited. The photo shoot allowed her … Continue reading

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