Ka‘u Classic Green Beans

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Prefer to roast your own coffee? Our classic Typica green beans offer you the opportunity to play with our quintessential Ka‘u coffee.

This is the variety that that scored 92 points in Coffee Review at our medium roast. This variety also is part of the Typica-Red Bourbon blend that won the Hawaii Coffee Association’s 2010 statewide cupping competition.

Typica is the most common coffee variety planted in Hawaii. When grown in the rich soil and cool climate of the Mauna Loa volcano’s southern slope, it takes on characteristics of the Big Island’s Ka’u District.

When roasting this coffee, patience is a virtue. Please note that these beans have a lower density compared to, say, Central American coffees. As a result, Miguel says you should start with gentle heat at the beginning of the roast. Put another way, roast these beans as you would a Brazilian or decaf coffee.

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  • Awards and Recognitions:

    Winner of the Hawaii Coffee Association’s 2010 statewide cupping competition (blend of Typica and Red Bourbon)

  • Taste:

    Depends on how it’s roasted. If your medium roast is similar to ours, it can taste of brown sugar with citrus and floral notes. If your dark roast is similar to ours, it can taste of chocolate and berries.

  • Roast:

    Unroasted (ready for you to roast)

  • Varieties and Processing Methods:

    Typica, washed and sun dried

  • Altitude:
    1600-2100 feet (500-650 meters)
  • Stories:

  • Where to Drink It:

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