Natural Red Caturra

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Our Natural Red Caturra shows off how much variety there is in, well, coffee varieties.

Take the differences between our Natural Red Caturra and Natural Yellow Caturra. Botanically speaking, they’re closely related, but have different flavor profiles.

In a side-by-side tasting of both coffees, Natural Red Caturra starts off sweeter than its yellow counterpart. Its dominant flavors: grape, berry and chocolate. (By contrast, the Natural Yellow Caturra has more tropical fruit flavors. Its intense acidity yields to sweetness as it cools.)

We make both coffees the same way: We dry ripe coffee cherries on wire racks, using a rake to turn them.

After drying, we let the coffees rest to balance the flavors. We use a medium-light roast on the Natural Red Caturra to showcase its vibrant acidity and floral and berry-like character.


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