2011 SWRBC

Pete Licata’s winning tree-to-cup journey in Hana Hou

Pete Licata in Hana Hou Magazine

We’ve seen a lot of star barista Pete Licata on the ground this year…but earlier this month, he took to the skies.  Pete’s journey from Hawaii to the 2011 World Barista Championship (WBC) was featured in the October/November edition of Hana Hou! The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines. All patrons flying on Hawaiian Airlines learned about … Continue reading

The 2011 USBC: A win for Pete Licata and Hawaiian coffee

Team Hawaii celebrating with Pete Licata

Days after Pete Licata’s big win at the 2011 United States Barista Championship, we’re still smiling and hugging. After all, Pete wasn’t competing just for himself. As the first to prevail at any national barista championship using 100% Hawaiian coffee, he also upheld the state’s honor. We couldn’t be happier for Pete. His second-place finishes … Continue reading

Meet Pete Licata, winner of the 2011 SWRBC


When you see Pete Licata, what comes to mind? ‘Dat local kine’ barista guy from Kansas? ‘The Beard?’ Not me. I think of a quiet drive up to Rusty’s Hawaiian farm in March. That’s when I tagged along with Pete to get a peek behind the prep for the 2011 U.S. Barista Championship. Pete was … Continue reading

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