Shawn Steiman

Roast magazine’s primer on coffee processing


It’s too bad, really, that few coffee lovers understand the work behind their favorite drink. We’re not talking about roasting and brewing coffee. Rather, we’re talking about the transformation of coffee seeds into beans ready for roasting. So we thank our friend, Shawn Steiman, for writing this article in Roast magazine. He explains coffee processing … Continue reading

The 2011 USBC: A win for Pete Licata and Hawaiian coffee

Team Hawaii celebrating with Pete Licata

Days after Pete Licata’s big win at the 2011 United States Barista Championship, we’re still smiling and hugging. After all, Pete wasn’t competing just for himself. As the first to prevail at any national barista championship using 100% Hawaiian coffee, he also upheld the state’s honor. We couldn’t be happier for Pete. His second-place finishes … Continue reading

Coffee, from farm to table, in HONOLULU magazine

Photo of Joan and Miguel in Honolulu Magazine

As the saying goes, “Lucky we live Hawaii.” Our state is the only one in the country that produces coffee commercially — and the growth of coffee farmers on various islands means a nice selection of beans to try. Lavonne Leong explores this Hawaiian coffee scene for HONOLULU, teaching readers how coffee travels from farm … Continue reading

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