Posted on November 8, 2011 by Joan

When I explain our meticulous methods for crafting artisanal coffee, customers often say, “That’s a lot of work. What keeps you motivated?”

I think of the hours it takes to select the ripest coffee cherries from every harvest. Or remember Mom’s instructions for drying honey coffee by hand: Rake the beans to expose them to sunlight and air.

“This coffee is a tribute to my Dad,” I answer. It’s the same sentence I repeat to myself after hours of pushing beans with a rake.

More than five years after my father’s death, caring for his coffee still is the best way to express our love for him. My mother explains this in a video:

We can tell you many other stories about my father’s influence in our lives, but it will take much more than a blog post. I’ll leave you with this tidbit: Even now, strangers stop me to share tales of his kindness and generosity.